Purification plants

Norwegian authorities have signed the OSPARCOM convention about emissions to water. This convention demands that existing cleaning plants often have to be replaced with new and better technology.

NOVATEK AS wishes to contribute to this transition in such a way that it doesn't produce new problems for the industry. We can help our clients closing the water loops, as far as technically and economically possible. Using different techniques, chemicals and other additives are recycled back to the process, thus saving both costs and the environment.

Examples of such plants are vacuum evaporators, atmospheric evaporators, destillation plants, ion exchange plants, electrolysis and membrane filtration.

NOVATEK delivers complete solutions, we do everything from projecting to installation. We build customised plants, and appreciate challenges!


Preciptation plants 

Conventional cleaning plants especially suiting surfacing industries.


Mechanical plants.

NOVATEK offers mechanical cleaning plants for the removal of particular matter, suspended matter and organic matter. Can for example be used for treating tunnel water.


Vacuum Evaporators.

Well suited for companies with waste water that has to be carefully deposited, and that is expensive to handle.






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